IU Baseball: Hoosiers Find Heartbreak in Lexington

IU Baseball News: Hoosiers heartbroken after loss to Kentucky
Sam Upshaw Jr./Courier Journal / USA TODAY NETWORK

We all remember it. Christian Wafford receiving the pass out on the perimeter and burying the buzzer-beater three to take down number one Kentucky at Assembly Hall. It was the thing that made John Calipari swear he was never going back to Assembly Hall ever again and the one thing IU fans could cling to in the more recent, painful years.

The IU-Kentucky rivalry is one that spans generations and sports, and on Monday, another chapter was added, but this time it was pain for those wearing crimson and jubilation for those wearing cobalt. 

The Lexington Baseball Regional Championship

So right away it is understood that Kentucky had an insane home-field advantage in this tournament…they’re also a damn good team ranked 12th in the country. In a double elimination tournament, both teams faced elimination if they lost and winning the regional tournament if they came out victorious. Tensions were high. 

Lackluster Offense 

The game would be tied at two after the second inning, but that second run would be the last one IU would score as Kentucky starting pitcher, Darren Williams, would settle into the game. Mason Moore would come in during the fifth inning and provide a lights-out performance in his relief effort ensuring that Kentucky would win 4-2. Moore would get the win as Kentucky’s last two runs were put up in the sixth inning.

Post-Game Animosity 

In a moment that really speaks to the rivalry between these two schools, a number of IU coaches refused to shake the hand of Kentucky coach, Nick Minigione. Words would be exchanged before the parties were separated and ushered in opposite directions. This just goes to show that, even if the basketball series is done between the two universities, the rivalry is very much alive. 

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